Blow the Clouds Away

Apr 16 2018

Blow the Clouds Away

Dr. Jeff Canfield

by Dr. Jeff Canfield

The following is an excerpt From Life Isn’t Rocket Science, by Jeff Canfield, D. Min

We probably all know someone who has clouded, what amounts to, a simple situation with misguided and overcomplicated conclusions. This can occur as a result of panic, fear, or sudden distress which may cause a person to overreact. However, what we’re seeing quite often in our overdramatized culture is a purposeful and agenda-driven distortion of the truth. Then as the truth unfolds, those who are close to the situation understand how facts were intentionally obscured by spinning a web of misinformation and deceit. One would also assume that those who willfully attempt to hide the truth also understand what was morally and ethically correct. Otherwise, how would they know what should be hidden in order to accomplish their goals?

Subtle misdirection is possible during the aforementioned “crisis” (i.e. common overblown drama) because people around the situation typically respond with pity rather than honesty. Additionally, those in the middle of the non-complex and overplayed drama present the impression that the issue is far too stressful and perplexing for the average person to investigate. At that point, if the person is challenged concerning their true motives, the challenger is accused of being too self-righteous and judgmental. Those types of accusations are meant to silence everybody close to the situation. Their goal is met when the situation becomes so clouded that there’s no accountability for wrongdoing. Sadly, all of this reflects our culture’s efforts to understand and implement biblical truths. Many people claim the Bible is too difficult to understand. This provides them with an excuse to avoid even the slightest efforts to understand the Bible or to put into practice biblical principles.

Unfortunately, our ignorance of the word of God can also yield the wrong perception of who God is, and what His will is for our lives. As a result, when difficulties in life arise, we blame God or others for our problems. Even if it’s gently explained to us that maybe our problems are of our own making, we denounce the person who is explaining this as being holier-than-thou. Those attitudes and excuses will not hold up with God. In the majority of difficult situations, it’s not the answer to the problem that’s difficult to ascertain. What’s difficult is having the intestinal fortitude (or guts) to act upon what we know is the truth regardless of personal consequences.

Let’s blow the clouds away from complicated issues in our lives by facing the facts and being completely honest before God and others. Complete transparency before God, allowing Him to search our hearts, is undoubtedly the starting point of a successful Christian walk. Let’s have the courage to live a life of integrity and honor. Proverbs 28:13 says, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.” Honesty truly is the best policy.

Dr. Jeff Canfield’s background and experience includes six years in the Army National Guard, eight years in municipal law enforcement, and seven years working directly with delinquent youth. Jeff has served faithfully in pastoral ministry since 1999. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois Police Training Institute, Rhema Bible College, and holds a Bachelor’s in Religious Science, a Master’s in Applied Theology, and a Doctorate in Ministry. Jeff is also the author of over fifteen books including two novels. Most importantly, he has been married since 1989 and has two grown children.

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