Logos University partners with churches and organizations to establish schools, training centers, and internships to develop the next generation of leaders to impact their church, their community, and the marketplace. Logos University accomplishes the task of training leaders through our strategic partnerships with organizations such as yours by working with you to develop your own Leadership Institute or School of Ministry. Learn how an affiliate partnership with Logos University can give you the tools to educate and develop your leaders and your students.

Apply for an Affiliate Partnership with Logos University ↓ 
Apply for an Affiliate Partnership with Logos University →

Who’s It For?

For individuals and institutions
  • Churches looking to develop a strong discipleship program.
  • Corporations needing academic certification for current training programs.
  • Pastors interested in training up the next generation of leaders and world changers.
  • Existing schools looking to enhance the academic integrity of their programs through higher level certifications.
  • Senior Pastors who desire a training program for ordaining and licensing ministerial candidates.

Why Partner with us?

Our programs are customizable to suit your needs
  • Customized Curriculum –  You choose how your students learn. The affiliate can select from live instruction, DVD lectures, or the Logos University Online Platform.  Programs are designed to allow the DNA of the pastors and leaders vision to be a part of the student’s training process.
  • Tuition Sharing Opportunity – You receive a percentage of the tuition.  Logos University gives a percentage of the student tuition back to support your affiliate program.
  • Administrative Support – All admissions and registrar functions are handled through Logos University.

Ways You Can Affiliate

Develop the next generation of leaders

Certificate Program

The aim of the certificate program is to equip pastors, church leaders, and lay leaders with transformational skills and knowledge that will enable them to provide a new paradigm of leadership for ministry.  These programs provide a great opportunity for growth and discipleship at a fraction of the cost. Whether students are coming from an academic background or new to formal study, this programs challenge all who are looking to grow in their faith.

School of Ministry

Through the school of ministry partnership, students are able to earn a certificate or a degree with Logos University.  Educational programs are crafted in the specific context based on the needs of the people and are custom-tailored to meet the needs of your ministry.  Programs range from certificate to graduate level programs, all based on what is best for you and your ministry.


A Logos University Internship Program is a one or two year program that provides a biblically relevant and practical way for post high school graduates and young adults to learn the ins and outs of ministry and/or a specific church department in the most dynamic environment. Through a combination of 50% academic study and 50% hands on training, interns are able to graduate with a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree.

How it works

A three step process
Step 1: Apply for Affiliation

Each prospective affiliate will need to complete the affiliation application.  This document collects the basic information about your church, ministry, or corporation and begins the affiliation process. During this process, you will be communicating directly with our Affiliate Partnerships Division to provide you with the personal support you need to launch your program.

Step 2: Customize Your Program

Select from a range of programs and courses that best suit your needs.  Affiliate partners are able to offer programs in any of our concentrations ranging from certificate programs all the way through to a masters program.  Logos will help guide this course selection as well as assist in creating a course structure and selecting your course delivery method. Logos University offers three options:

  • Live Instruction
  • DVD Lectures
  • Logos University Online Platform
Step 3: Market Your Program

Logos University supports you with promotional materials, a customized student application, and helpful tools to make your program be a success.  As an affiliate of Logos University, we are committed to building our relationship together and supporting you.

Students will complete an application to your program and submit the application fee. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Featured Affiliates

We love our affiliate partners!
Apply for an Affiliate Partnership with Logos University ↓ 
Apply for an Affiliate Partnership with Logos University →

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