Every person has the capacity and potential to lead. We all desire to live a life of purpose.
To achieve this, each person must go through a process of self-discovery.
By pursuing higher education through Logos University this can be accomplished.

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Your admissions counselor is committed to helping you throughout the entire process, guiding you through each step and answering any questions you may have along the way. To begin the admissions process or for more information please contact or call 1 (800) 776-0127.

Who should apply

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Students who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree may make application to the Graduate Schools. The goal of the Graduate Schools of Logos University is to equip students with ministry skills in specialties needed for developing churches, parachurch ministries, and non-profit organizations.

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Admissions Requirements

Here's what you need to apply to Logos University

To be considered for admission, all students are required to submit the following to Logos University:

  1. Application for Admission, completed in its entirety.

  2. Cover letter stating the student’s educational, spiritual goals and any points of special interest that should be considered by the admissions committee.

  3. Comprehensive secular and religious resume that includes education, employment, secular and religious seminars attended, church work experience, special training, etc.

  4. Completed Life Experience and Advanced Standing forms if applicable.

  5. At the time of application, please request official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and institutions.  While we can initially accept unofficial copies of transcripts, before graduation, original official transcripts will be required to be sent directly to Logos University. It is best to request those from the relevant institutions at the time the applications package is being assembled.

  6. Copies of degrees, awards, certificates, etc.

  7. $50.00 non-refundable Application Fee.

  8. $25.00 non-refundable Evaluation Fee.
  9. 2” x 2” snapshot.

The Admissions Committee of Logos University reviews all applications. Acceptance into any program with Logos University is at the discretion of the Academic Committee and the Office of the President whose decisions are final. In order to be accepted into a program at Logos University, the student must meet the following criteria.

  • Students must be committed to the absolute Lordship of Christ, through an ongoing relationship with Him, and by a desire to reach greater maturity in Him, in full obedience to His will.
  • A copy of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, for entrance into all levels of the graduate programs.
  • Sealed official transcripts from all previous college-level institutions, sent directly to Logos University. If student is applying for undergraduate studies only, a copy of a high school or GED diploma is to be sent.
  • Students are to be actively involved in a local church.


Graduate Debt-free!

Application Fee: $75.00

Undergraduate Costs

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $100.00
Graduation Fee: $75.00

Graduate Costs

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $125.00
Master’s Thesis/Project Reading Fee: $100.00
Doctorate Dissertation/Project Reading Fee: $150.00
Graduation Fee: $100.00

Basic Biblical Knowledge Exam (BBKE)

Testing Fee: $50.00
Cost Per Credit Hour: $25.00

 Life Experience and Ministry Assessment (LEMA)

Cost Per Credit Hour: $25.00


Official (issued to employer, colleges, and institutions): $10.00
Unofficial (issued to student): $8.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Program Deadline Extension Fee: $100.00
Reactivation Fee: $250.00
Degree Replacement: $100.00
Returned Check Fee: $20.00
Dishonored Credit Card Fee: $20.00

Grants and Scholarships

Graduate Debt-free!

It is our goal to graduate our students, debt free. Graduating debt free allows our students to pursue ministry unencumbered by student loans and debt. Our tuition schedule is among the lowest in the country for theological and ministry training institutions. In essence, there is a built in scholarship in our fee structure. In addition, Logos University offers the following scholarships and grants to qualified students:

Returning Student Grant

This grant is awarded to all students who have previously completed a Logos University degree program and are pursuing another degree program through Logos University. The grant is in the amount of 10% and will be deducted from the total cost of tuition and applied upon activation of the student’s next degree program.

President’s Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to licensed, ordained and commissioned ministers and missionaries. To qualify, submit a copy (no originals please) of the license, ordination, or commission certificate at the time of application. The scholarship is in the amount of 10% and will be deducted from the total cost of tuition.

U.S. Military and Veteran’s Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to active or honorably discharged military Veterans in the United States Military and Armed Forces. The scholarship is in the amount of 10% and will be deducted from the total cost of tuition and applied upon activation of the student’s degree program.