Advanced Master Programs

Beyond the Master of Arts Programs offered, Logos University is able to enroll students in our Master of Theology Program and our Master of Divinity Program.


The Master of Theology program is for students looking to get the full depth of theological study in an academic setting.  Students will dive into various areas of theology and biblical studies, learning to apply that theology to their ministry and culture.


The Master of Divinity Program is for students seeking to learn all of the necessary skills in order to pastor their local church.  Students will not only gain the theological and biblical skills needed but also the leadership and pastoral skills necessary to thrive in a ministry setting.

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Master of Theology

The Master of Theology (MTh) degree program is designed for those students who anticipate having a strong exegetical foundation for preaching and teaching.  This degree program is a 60 hour program and includes at least two courses in Biblical languages. The Master of Theology degree provides a solid foundation for pursuing the Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program through LOGOS. 

The Master of Theology (ThM) degree program consists of the following components:


  • Old and New Testament Studies – 18 hours
  • Theological Studies – 12 hours 
  • Systematics  – 15 hours
  • Hermeneutics – 3 hours
  • Biblical Languages – 6 hours
  • Thesis/Project – 6 hours
Core Courses

The following is a sample program of what a Master of Theology program could look like.  Course can be substituted based on provided criteria.  For more information, please contact the Logos University, administrative office.

  • NTS501 New Testament Synthesis
  • NTS510 Gospels: Life of Christ
  • NTS602 Acts
  • OTS501 Old Testament Synthesis
  • OTS510 Pentateuch
  • OTS622 Nehemiah
  • THE562 Theology of Worship
  • THE630 Hermeneutics (required)
  • THE732 Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts
  • THE762 Apologetics
  • THE764 Bible Prophecy
  • SYS601 Old Testament Theology
  • SYS701 New Testament Theology
  • SYS622 Christology
  • SYS721 Pneumatology (The Holy Spirit)
  • SYS723 Ecclesiology (The Church)
  • GRK601 Greek 1
  • HEB601 Hebrew 1
  • RES699 Master’s Thesis
Biblical and Theological Foundational Knowledge

For entry into all of Logos University’s Graduate programs, each student is required to have previous academic experience in the area of Biblical and Theological Prerequisite Knowledge.  For students who have not had a background in biblical or theological studies, the student will need to complete Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey with Logos University.  These courses will be added to the overall program.

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the standard of ministry preparation degrees.  It is intended to provide students with a sound foundation from a variety of topics, themes, and disciplines from which pastoral ministry may be practiced. Many denominations, associations, and fellowships require the M.Div. for ordained ministry. 

This degree is an excellent platform from which to pursue Doctoral studies in Ministry, Theology and Philosophy. This degree program may be pursued in three different concentration.  Because of the nature of this program, the University has designed it to conform to standard M.Div. programs and thus has little flexibility for the student to design it as a custom-made program as in other Logos University programs.

Core Courses

The following 22 courses (66 hours) are required for a successful completion of the Masters of Divinity Program.

  • GRK601 Greek I
  • GRK701 Greek II
  • HCH601 Church History I
  • HCH611 Church History II
  • HEB601 Hebrew I
  • HEB701 Hebrew II
  • NTS509 Synoptic Gospels
  • PHL501 Philosophy
  • PRE601 Homiletics I
  • PRE701 Homiletics II
  • PTH706 Christian Ethics
  • PTH707 Pastoral Counseling
  • PTH805 Advanced Leadership Principles.
  • SYS501 Historical Theology
  • SYS601 Old Testament Theology
  • SYS621 Bibliology
  • SYS701 New Testament Theology
  • SYS810 Systematic Theology
  • SYS812 Pauline Theology
  • THE630 Hermeneutics
  • THE662 Comparative Religions
  • THE762 Apologetics
Concentration Courses

The Master of Divinity has three different degree concentrations from which the student may choose.  Below are the three concentrations and the courses required for successful completion of the Master of Divinity


Christian Education Track:

  • CED611 Theology of Christian Education
  • CED701 Administration of Christian Education
  • CED702 Educational Models
  • CED703 Principles of Education
  • CED704 Managing Educational Resources
  • CED705 Theory of Christian Education
  • CED708 Learning Styles
  • CED820 Ministry to Adults


Christian Leadership and Management Track:

  • BUS500 Church/Ministry Administration
  • BUS511 Organizational Principles: Development
  • BUS550 Marketing Strategy: Design, Planning, Strategy
  • BUS600 Church/Business Management & Staffing
  • BUS611 Marketplace Ministry
  • BUS710 Managing a Non-Profit Organization
  • BUS726 Ministry Development: Vision, Mission, Strategy
  • BUS735 Essential Team Interaction


Pastoral Care/Counseling Track:

  • CNS731 Marriage & Family Counseling
  • CNS734 Grief Counseling
  • CNS737 Crisis Counseling
  • CNS831 Addictions Counseling
  • CNS832 Healing the Inner Man
  • PSY501 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY612 Cognitive Therapy
  • PTH614 Pastoral Care