Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization


The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization degree offers the student the opportunity to develop and exercise their leadership and organization skills within churches, para-church ministries, and Christian non-profit organizations. This degree will teach students how to develop a team, discover leadership strengths and weaknesses, achieve resolution and communicate effectively.

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization comprises three parts for the student to complete or provide proof of completion.

  • Foundational Courses – 30 credit hours
  • Core Course Requirements – 45 Credit hours
  • Elective Courses – 45 Credit Hours


Foundational Courses

These are studies that provide the foundational basis for theological and biblical understanding and are required courses for all students entering into a degree program through Logos University.  These are mandatory courses for all undergraduate students of Logos University.

  • HCH201: Church History 1
  • HCH211: Church History 2
  • NTS101: New Testament Survey
  • NTS211: Romans: The Overcoming Life
  • OTS101: Old Testament Survey
  • PTH101: Principles of Bible Study
  • PTH102: Discipleship and Mentoring
  • SYS222: Christology
  • SYS323: Ecclesiology
  • THE230: Hermeneutics

Core Concentration Courses

Core concentration courses provide the core study for your major.  For the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership and Organization, these courses may come from any course with a Prefix of BUS and some PTH Courses. Below is a sample of degree concentration courses. These may be switched and customized to meet your needs. Courses may be found in the course catalog on pages 34-52.

  • BUS100 – Church/Ministry Administration
  • BUS101 – Biblical Business Principles
  • BUS110 – Accounting Principles
  • BUS200 – Church/Business Staffing
  • BUS201 – Principles of Economics
  • BUS202 – Organizational Principles
  • BUS210 – Accounting for Non-Profits
  • BUS241 – Business Ethics
  • BUS310 – Managing Non-Profit Organization
  • BUS404 – Marketing and Management
  • BUS410 – Legal Environment of Business
  • BUS450 – Financial Planning
  • PTH301 – Leadership Principles
  • PTH408 – Conflict Management