Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies


The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is a 36-credit hour degree program designed to equip pastors and teachers with a higher level of skill in the English bible. Graduates with this degree will fill pastoral and teaching roles with greater confidence.  This program may be pursued with an Old Testament concentration by choosing all of the biblical requirements in the Old Testament, or with a New Testament concentration by choosing all courses in the New Testament.  A student may also choose courses from both and Old and New Testaments.

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies comprises three parts for the student to complete or provide proof of completion.

  • Core Requirements – 24 hours (Courses that are in Biblical Studies)
  • Electives – 6 hours (Any courses that we offer in any department)
  • Thesis/Project/Practicum – 6 hours

Core Concentration Courses

Core concentration courses provide the core study for your major. For the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, these courses may come from any course with a Prefix of OTS and NTS.  Eligible courses may be found below and descriptions can be found in our course catalog. Below is a sample of degree concentration courses. These may be switched and customized to meet your needs. Courses may be found in the course catalog on pages 34-52.

  • THE630 Hermeneutics: Interpreting the Bible (required)
  • OTS501 Old Testament Survey
  • OTS510 Pentateuch
  • OTS620 Historical Books
  • NTS501 New Testament Synthesis
  • NTS510 Gospels: Life of Christ
  • NTS602 Acts
  • NTS610 Pauline Epistles