Dr. Misty Grant

International Speaker – Thought Leader – President of Logos University

Dr. Misty Grant is a woman who–while wearing many different titles–at her core, is an activist. Not the in-your-face antagonistic example we often see splashed across our television screens. She’s an in-your-heart, I know you can do this because I’ve been where you are mentor, connector, dream builder and people maximizer. Dr. Grant is compelled to infiltrate cultures and communities to introduce tools that empower individuals to achieve their educational and leadership goals. A glance at Dr. Misty’s calendar and you’ll quickly grasp the complexity of her gifting through the diversity of those she serves. She has experienced and generously shares the transformational power that mentoring, connecting through personal relationships, and exploring different cultures can bring. Yet, she understands that God doesn’t require travel to a new time zone to make an impact; the opportunity to transform a life is a possibility every time a choice is made to replace our agenda with His direction.


If you have the opportunity to meet Dr. Misty over a cup of coffee, you’ll be amazed at how she intuitively connects with you on an intimate level. In fact, it’s these personal interactions that fuel her seemingly endless supply of energy and ideas. She discovers connections wherever her travels take her. From the rice fields of South Korea, to the shores of Japan, or walking among the throngs in Egypt, she explores beyond the “right now” to discover links with ideas, histories and communities but, most importantly, with individuals.


Whether traveling down a dusty road in Africa, speaking at a conference, preaching a Sunday morning message, sitting in the administrative offices of a local church or participating on the board of a non-profit, Dr. Misty sees opportunities to connect people with ideas, resources and solutions. She is dynamic and multi-faceted, not what you might expect as a typical leader, faith-based academic, entrepreneur or speaker.


Dr. Misty’s message is authentic. She’s been there — staring down a life void of resources with a handbag full of self-doubt, uncertainty and brokenness slung over her shoulder. Countless times she has stood on the doorstep of transformation. Through obedience–which sometimes surprised herself–she was empowered to let go of the past and step into the “life” God had been preparing for her. And her passion is to lead you to your place of destiny and give you the resources and courage to say, “Yes!” to your own amazing future.


Through her role as President of Logos University, based in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Misty is privileged to support more than 120 national and domestic partner churches, as well as students in 34 countries. And while she enjoys her travels around the globe, Dr. Misty’s heart is to serve the local church, regardless of what continent the church calls home. Most recently, she has directed attention and resources to a rural village in Zambia, Africa, with plans to impact the current residents, while providing hope and a future for generations to come.


Dr. Misty is an influential leader with a heart for God who is destined to help people activate their dreams, leaders equip their teams, and organizations fulfill their destiny.