Logos University Alumni

 Donate today to make an impact!

About The Alumni Association

groupAs an alumni of Logos University, you join the ranks of over 50,000 lives who have been impacted by the mission of the institution by furthering their education to pursue the vision God has placed before them. We are honored to have you as a member of our Logos Alumni Association.  As one of our graduates, you are what makes our school what it is as you represent the school and your education through your tireless work as a world changer.

The Mission

The mission is to build the alliance between Logos University and the Alumni.  As an alumnus, you are an ambassador for Logos University by living out your training every day.  As you take your education into the community and make a lasting impact, you show how a Logos University education has changed and equipped you for the calling you have received from God.

Alumni Association Benefits

  • We’re not asking you to sign up – You are already part of us.
  • We’re not asking you to pay dues – You’ve paid your dues.
  • We ARE asking you, as a member of the Logos University family to walk with us into the future, and to share that future with new students from around the world.

How can you benefit from the Logos University Alumni Association?

  • Networking opportunities for you to expand your sphere of influence.
  • Additional scholarship opportunities for continued education for students.
  • Worldwide connection with our newsletters and an opportunity to share your story.
  • Stay connected with current students and other alumni through gatherings and member appreciation events.

Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund

We are introducing the Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund. We are asking you to “give-back” to the school that has made a difference in your life so that we can then in turn be a blessing to the thousands of people that would like to be a recipient in the gift of learning. By contributing to the Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund, your investment in current students will be amplified by joining with your fellow alumni, current students, and friends and demonstrating to the next generation of Logos graduates that, together, we are standing with them.

 Donate today to make an impact!

With the give back program, you have the opportunity to partner with Logos University in our mission to transform nations by developing leaders.  The Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund is your way to invest in students who may not be able to afford an education.  The mission of God is for all people and we all need to be equipped.  With the Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund, you can partner with Logos University to make a worldwide impact.  As a member of Logos University Alumni, you have this opportunity.

How Does It Work?

Since the beginning, Logos has striven to ensure that student education is affordable and accessible.  Through this Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund , we are able to provide a Scholarship Fund to those in need.  You are able to donate $25.00/year, $10.00/month, or make a one time donation towards the Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund, which goes to ensure that the opportunity to gain and education is available to all who are in need.

Where Does The Money Go?

Logos University strives to go global with the mission that God has set before us. Logos is able to offer tuition scholarships to students and churches across the globe, in various financial situations.  By donating, you are able to support these students to continue their education, making the biggest impact for the Kingdom of God. You can partner with Logos University to make an impact all over the world!

How Can I Join?

It is so easy to make a difference!  We ask that you send in a $25.00/year, $10.00/month, or a one time tax deductible donation to the Logos University Alumni Scholarship Fund.  When you sign up to contribute to the  Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund, your payment will automatically be charged to the payment information that you provide. All we ask is that you remain faithful in your giving.

Contribute To The Alumni/Friends Scholarship Fund Today

Alumni Feedback

As a member of our Alumni Association, what you would like to see?  What additional benefits would help you as you apply the knowledge you gained at Logos University to the church, the community, and the marketplace? We want to hear from you!