Affiliation Process

Logos University Church Partnership Program

Logos University is honored for you to consider partnering with us as we all seek to advance the Kingdom of Heaven in our churches, our ministries, our communities, and throughout the whole world. Logos University has been in existence for over 39 years and has trained 50,000 students worldwide. With a presence in 33 nations globally, we have partnered with large organizations, churches, and denominations by providing an educational vehicle to develop and equip their leaders.

Our faculty and program director/mentors have years of educational and ministry experience so that you can be sure that you will not only get the theory and philosophy of your chosen degree concentration, but also practical input from veterans on the front lines.

Logos University accomplishes the task of training leaders through our strategic partnerships with organizations such as yours.

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Affiliation Application

Benefits of a Partnership

with Logos University

  1. Recognition from an American Institution which has credibility and a strong reputation within the Christian and academic communities.
  2. Financial reciprocity as Logos University provides a tuition sharing opportunity.
  3. Students are eligible to receive International tuition scholarships.
  4. Customized curriculum, which allows the DNA of the pastors and leaders vision to be a part of the student’s development.
  5. Practical and relevant instruction and development of course materials for the students that they can apply to their everyday life.
  6. Administrative and marketing support.
  7. Academic support for the design and implementation of educational programs
  8. Most importantly, your students will graduate from Logos University debt-free.

Process of Affiliation

Step 1: Affiliation Application

Each prospective campus will need to complete the membership affiliation form attached to this document.  Once completed, please return to the Logos University Office.

Step 2: Affiliation Fee

There will be an affiliation fee that will be negotiated with Logos University.  The affiliation fee is a one time fee with an annual renewal rate that is lower than the initial affiliation fee.  Once the amount has been received your registration will be complete and we commence with all the registration of your faculty and students.

Step 3: Program Selection

Determine the program you are looking to offer and at what level you would like to offer them.  Also, determine which degree concentration that you are interested in offering to your students as it will affect the courses needed to graduate.    Depending on the duration of your courses, we can certify the following degrees.

  • Certificate Program
  • Diploma/Associate Program
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree

Step 4: Course Selection

Working with the structures and principles of the degree type and degree concentration, pick the courses that you are interested in comprising the necessary credit hour requirments.  Logos will help guide this course selection as well as in assisting in creating a course structure. Determine the method of instruction that you are looking to utilize for each course; live instruction, DVD lectures, or the online platform of courses.

Step 5: Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Logos University will send a draft of the official Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which outlines the above details and the relationships between Logos University and the campus/program that is affiliating.  Once we reach an agreement we will draft an MOA for signing to finalize our partnership.

Step 6: Faculty Certification

All course instructors will need to fill out a faculty application in which Logos University will certify and validate the educational credentials that each faculty member holds.  There is a faculty application fee and an annual faculty renewal fee for each faculty member.

Step 7: Student Registration

Students will need to complete an application to the program and pay the appropriate application fee.  These applications are to be sent to Logos University with a student roster to ensure the proper information is communicated to Logos University.