St. Clair College of Ministry

St. Clair's College of Ministry

Logos University and St. Clair College of Ministry

Thank you for your interest in the program being offered through St. Clair College of Ministry and Logos University.  Through our partnership with St. Clair College of Ministry, we are excited to be able to offer you this opportunity for you to earn your certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s, or master’s degree through Logos University.


Please complete the online student application through the form below so that we can begin processing your enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Programs Can I Pursue with St. Clair College of Ministry and Logos University? 

Students with St. Clair College of Ministry are able to pursue either their Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, or Masters degree.  Each degree offers a specialization in either Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Theological Studies or Christian Leadership and Management.  Each program offers engaging lectures for students to engage with and faculty from St. Clair’s College of Ministry there to guide and assist through the courses.

How Do I Begin My Program with St. Clair College of Ministry and Logos University?

The application can be filled out below and the application of $75 can be paid directly through this website.  If you have any previous collegiate experience, please request the Official Transcript to be sent directly to Logos University so we can incorporate your previous studies into your custom tailored program.

When you are ready to apply, please submit the application below in order to begin the application process.  A member of our Student Affairs department will be reach out to you with any additional questions or your program.