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The Father’s House

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Logos University

The Father's HouseThank you for your interest in the program being offered through The Father’s House in partnership with Logos University.  Through the local Bible School, our students learn sound and balanced doctrine; how to use the Bible with wisdom and how to separate truth from error. The result will be Spiritual Growth, Professional Training, and a greater ability to serve Christ successfully. Through this partnership with Logos students are able to earn their Certificate in Marketplace Leadership.

The Father’s House is a community of followers of Jesus Christ. We are an inclusive group that loves and respects all people of all beliefs, values, and opinions. We choose to live out our faith by relating to each other as friends, brothers and sisters, and all as children before their God. We are here to give people cause to believe, live well and to encourage them in their journey with God, family, friends, and society.

Please complete the online student application through the form below so that we can begin processing your enrollment.

Program Details 

Students with Logos University and The Father’s House are able to earn their Certificate in Marketplace Leadership.  Students are able to complete the program in 6 months in order to complete the 5 courses for the program. Classes start August 11, 2018 as student grow in their leadership abilities and develop the skills God has placed inside them. 

Costs and Fees

We want our students to earn their education at an affordable and approachable cost and we strive to ensure that students are able to graduate debt free. The application is $75.00 and can be paid alongside the application below. The total cost for the tuition is $600 in order to graduate.  Interest free payment plans are available for students to graduate debt-free.