Deeper Life College

Deeper Life College

Logos University and Deeper Life College

Thank you for your interest in the program being offered through Deeper Life College and Logos University.  Through our partnership with Deeper Life College, we are excited to be able to offer you this opportunity for you to earn your certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree through Logos University.


Please complete the online student application through the form below so that we can begin processing your enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Programs Can I Pursue with Deeper Life College? 

Students with Deeper Life College are able to pursue their Certificate in Applied Theology, their Associate of Arts in Applied Theology, or their Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theology.  Each program offers engaging lectures for students to engage with and faculty from Deeper Life there to guide and assist through the courses.

What Courses Will I be Taking?

Deeper Life College will be offering various courses for their program.  Below is a sample of some of the courses that students can expect to take for their program.

  • NTS101: New Testament Survey
  • NTS210: Pauline Epistles
  • NTS350: Hebrews – The Better Covenant
  • OTS101: Old Testament Survey
  • OTS111: Pentateuch 1
  • OTS112: Pentateuch 2
  • PTH301: Leadership 1
  • SYS222: Christology
  • SYS223: Soteriology
  • SYS321: Pneumatology
  • SYS322: Dynamics of Prayer
  • THE104: Attributes of God
  • THE161: Christian Foundations
  • THE162: Theology of Worship

How much will the program cost?

For the program with Deeper Life College and Logos University, there is a $75 application fee.  The cost will be $100/credit hours.  The number of credit hours needed will vary per program and a member of the student affairs office will be in contact regarding the total cost of the degree program tuition.

When you are ready to apply, please submit the application below in order to begin the application process.  A member of our Student Affairs department will be reach out to you with any additional questions or your program.