The Blended Church

Thank you for your interest in the programs being offered through The Blended Church. The Blended Church is a non-denominational, multi-cultural, bible based church in Indianapolis, with over 30 nations of people represented. Through our partnership with Logos University, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Theological Studies. Students will experience quality academic instruction that enriches the student in their knowledge of the bible and in their faith.  

Please complete the online student application through the form below so that we can begin processing your enrollment.

The Blended Church
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Certificate in Theological Studies

All classes for the Certificate in Theological Studies will be delivered on campus.  Classes begin Summer 2020 and gives students the opportunity to engage in biblical topics interesting and relevant to their faith.  By the end of the program, students will be able to articulate and defend various foundational theological ideas of the Christian faith.


Classes for the Certificate in Theological Studies begin in Summer 2020 with the following classes:

  1. OTS101: Old Testament Survey
  2. NTS101: New Testament Survey
  3. SYS222: Christology
  4. NTS211: Romans – The Overcoming Life
  5. SYS321: Pneumatology

Cost and Tuition

We want our students to earn their education at an affordable and approachable cost and we strive to ensure that students are able to graduate debt free. The application is $75.00 and can be paid alongside the application below. The total cost for the tuition is $600 in order to graduate.  Interest free payment plans are available.