Bethany Leadership College

Thank you for your interest in the programs being offered through Bethany Leadership College. Through our partnership with Logos University, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Christian Leadership.

At Bethany Church, it is our dream to raise up a generation of leaders who live out the mission of God in their communities and around the world. Step into your future now!

Please complete the online student application through the form below so that we can begin processing your enrollment.

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The Certificate in Leadership is designed to give an overview of biblical and ministerial knowledge to equip and prepare leaders to impact the ministry that God has set before them. Students will successfully complete the following courses.

  • OTS101 – Old Testament Survey
  • NTS101 – New Testament Survey
  • THE230 – Hermeneutics
  • SYS323 – Ecclesiology
  • PTH701 – Leadership Principles
  • PTH310 – Developing the Leader

Cost and Tuition

We want our students to earn their education at an affordable and approachable cost and we strive to ensure that students are able to graduate debt free. Payments will be made directly to Bethany Leadership College for your convenience.