Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies is a degree that provides students with an understanding of the history, context and message of the Bible. In addition, this degree teaches the historical and theological developments within a framework of Christianity.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies comprises three parts for the student to complete or provide proof of completion.

  • Foundational Courses – 30 credit hours
  • Core Course Requirements – 45 Credit hours
  • Elective Courses – 45 Credit Hours


Foundational Courses

These are studies that provide the foundational basis for theological and biblical understanding and are required courses for all students entering into a degree program through Logos University.  These are mandatory courses for all undergraduate students of Logos University.

  • HCH201: Church History 1
  • HCH211: Church History 2
  • NTS101: New Testament Survey
  • NTS211: Romans: The Overcoming Life
  • OTS101: Old Testament Survey
  • PTH101: Principles of Bible Study
  • PTH102: Discipleship and Mentoring
  • SYS222: Christology
  • SYS323: Ecclesiology
  • THE230: Hermeneutics

Core Concentration Courses

Core concentration courses provide the core study for your major.  For the Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies, these courses may come from any course with a Prefix of OTS, NTS, CNS, CED, ECM, HCH, HIS, BUS, PTH, SYS, and THE. Below is a sample of degree concentration courses. These may be switched and customized to meet your needs. Courses may be found in the course catalog on pages 34-52.

  • CED101 – Introduction to Christian Education
  • CNS130 – Introduction to Christian Counseling
  • ECM101 – Evangelism
  • HCH221 – The Age of Reformation
  • HCH301 – History of Revivals
  • PTH104 – Church Government
  • PTH204 – Pastoral Theology
  • PTH304 – Local Church Home Fellowships
  • PTH306 – Christian Ethics
  • PTH307 – Pastoral Counseling
  • PTH308 – Principles of Church Growth
  • PTH408 – Conflict Management
  • SYS210 – Bible Doctrines
  • SYS410 – Systematic Theology
  • THE262 – Comparative Religions